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How to look at the ultra expected financial data
Published:9/19/2016 4:51:57 PMViews: 516
2015 annual Banking Technology Development Award accreditation leading group meeting was held in beijing. Deputy governor of the people's Bank of China, Bank of science and Technology Development Award assessment leading group leader Fan Yifei presided over the meeting.
Meeting summed up the 2015 annual review of the banking technology development award, the financial institutions to declare the project to review and determine the 155 winning projects, involving more than 80 reporting units. Among them, the 1 Grand Prize, first prize 7, two prize 55, third-prize 92.
The project to declare 2015 the year of bank technology development award relates to business continuity, risk management, IT framework, decision support, operation management, product innovation and other fields, showing six characteristics: one is to pay attention to the key information infrastructure to backup and high availability, safe and stable operation to realize the new breakthrough; the two is to focus on the process transformation and management transformation "scientific and technological innovation, leading the business development situation is obvious; the three is close to the state and the direction of development of the industry, to serve the national strategy, serving the economic transformation; four is widely used in advanced technology, based on a number of big data, cloud computing, networking, mobile financial technology innovation; five is the new industry more and more, reflects the trend of traditional financial and Internet financial integration; six is close to the local people's livelihood, reflect the regional characteristics, local financial institutions, The overall efficiency of technological innovation system has improved steadily.
Fan Yifei said that in recent years, joint efforts in the people's Bank of China and the relevant institutions under the banking technology development award authority and influence gradually expanded, technology of banking industry and the financial industry progress promoted obviously. To increase future efforts, expand the scope of awards, expand the judges mechanism, strengthen publicity and guidance, and further encourage organizations and individuals around the advanced scientific and technological progress, guide the industry direction, promote exchanges and cooperation as the core goal, effectively improve the bank technology development award related work.
Fan Yifei stressed that the current situation of the financial industry information security is generally stable, but the safety of production incidents have occurred, such as telecommunications network fraud cases. The agencies should pay more attention to the security of network and system, the construction of high availability system and high standard and high requirement of disaster recovery system, ensure business continuity objectives. At the same time, the agencies should strengthen guidance and publicity, so that the public in the enjoyment of financial and technological achievements in the development of the same time, to further grasp the relevant risks to prevent common sense, effectively protect the interests of individuals.
Fan Yifei pointed out that the institutions should actively explore the system architecture transformation, actively study the establishment of flexible, scalable, secure and controllable distributed system architecture. Meanwhile, the organization should strengthen the block chain, artificial intelligence and other emerging technologies continue to focus on innovative services and products, to enhance the level of Inclusive Finance, help the country's economic restructuring and transformation and upgrading.