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Best Western standards and standards
Published:11/11/2015 5:04:29 PMViews: 1055
Local time in November 9th, the Boao Asian forum for financial cooperation conference in london. Asian infrastructure investment bank (hereinafter referred to as "Asian investment bank") elect president Liqun Jin on the afternoon of the same day in thematic chapters on a comprehensive introduction to the operation of future Asian investment bank says Asian investment bank will be widely use for reference the successful experience of the World Bank (hereinafter referred to as "the bank"), the European bank for reconstruction and development and the Asian Development Bank (hereinafter referred to as "ADB") etc. other multilateral financial institutions, have the confidence to do Asian investment bank in the world the best international multilateral financial organizations. Reporters noted that both in the chapter discussion or in an interview with reporters, Jin Liqun has repeatedly stressed that the Western standards are not equal to the best, the highest standards. Jin Liqun revealed that the investment focus areas of investment in the initial stage of the investment bank, electricity and water supply, the first batch of the earliest possible launch in the second quarter of next year.
It is reported that, after the establishment of Asian investment bank, and the world bank, the European bank for reconstruction and development and other international multilateral financial institutions to expand cooperation. So far, the International Finance Corporation, the world bank and its subsidiary, Asian Development Bank, the European bank for reconstruction and development said to cooperate with Asian investment bank. Jin Liqun said that the Asian investment bank in the process of setting up, has been maintained a good cooperative relationship with these financial institutions. In the morning, the EBRD President Zuma also said it will work closely with the Asian investment bank. Infrastructure construction requires hundreds of dozens, hundreds of billions of dollars of investment, mutual cooperation, is conducive to sharing and reduce the risk, reduce the cost. This also shows that the level of corporate governance of the sub investment bank has been widely recognized, otherwise these international financial organizations will not cooperate with them. In other words, only in accordance with international standards of the investment bank, in order to ensure that the existing international financial organizations are willing to cooperate with their.
Jin Liqun is proud to say that the Asian investment bank's charter is the best. "In this particular emphasis is not to be confused with the highest and best standards and the Western standards, and we must not recognize the West as the best. Reason and reason is very simple, if it is the best, these financial institutions will not need to reform the." He further stated that the standard of the investment bank's standard is at least at the present stage. Because of its development in the standard, the successful experience of a lot of developed countries, but also the development of many developing countries, especially China's development experience, forming a unique set of standards. Practice has proved that there is a serious flaw in the Western standards, otherwise it will not happen again and again the financial crisis and the debt crisis.
"Sub investment bank's standard represents the most advanced management experience, is the crystallization of the development experience of the vast number of developing countries." Jin Liqun said that compared to the existing international multilateral financial development agencies, sub investment bank in the organization structure settings, professional personnel selection, efficient use of personnel, to avoid bureaucratic and other aspects, there are a lot of innovation. "The structure of the investment bank is the best, not the Executive Board of directors, nor the establishment of branches in all countries, to take the headquarters to focus on decision-making, help to control risk and reduce costs. Investment in the field of infrastructure as the focus. According to business conditions, the flexible organization of the corresponding structure, to ensure that the most effective use of professional talent. On the contrary, if these professionals are scattered to each country, they will be difficult to get the best use of. After all, each country in different periods of the workload vary." Jin Liqun said.
In infrastructure projects, Jin Liqun said Asian investment bank at first stage mainly in three areas, one is electric power facilities, such as power transmission and transformation facilities; the second is water supply facilities, many Asian countries very dry, construction of water supply facilities to advance together with the water management; three is the construction of traffic facilities, including the building of roads and railways. Asian investment bank to the three of the most important areas for the development of the economy to establish the role and to promote economic development.
It is worth noting that the investment bank and the existing multilateral institutions to promote different ways, mainly based on the construction of infrastructure, rather than direct investment. Jin Liqun said that in the institutional setting, the Asian investment bank did not clone the existing international institutions, investment methods and development priorities are different. Therefore, it is not only a traditional multilateral development institution, but also an innovative development organization. It is believed that it will bring inspiration to both multilateral institutions.
Referring to the founding member states of the Asian investment bank, Jin Liqun said that the current consensus is the end of the year is the end of 2016, if some countries can not complete the legislative approval process before the deadline, will not become a founding member of the Asian investment bank, and only a member state. Asian investment bank's door is always open. Asian investment bank by a large number of countries to form, and can not wait until the completion of the legislative process of all countries, and then open. The Chinese people's Congress not long ago just completed the approval process, a lot of countries earlier than the completion of the relevant procedures in china.
In the Taiwan area to join the Asian investment bank, Jin Liqun stressed that this is China's internal affairs, do not need to intervene, the recent success of the two sides of the Strait to achieve a historic meeting to fully illustrate this point. From the Asian investment bank regulations, the Taiwan area to join the investment bank does not exist obstacles, but the mainland and the Taiwan region need to negotiate in due way. "Inside the house, the solution can always find a way." He said.