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The central bank has provided sufficient re lendin
Published:7/10/2015 5:27:29 PMViews: 703
Reporters learned from the people's Bank of China in July 9th, the central bank has been in accordance with the needs of the Chinese Securities and financial Limited by Share Ltd to provide sufficient re lending. At the same time, will also be based on the company's demand for gold, continue to provide liquidity support through a variety of ways.
It is understood that the company has 21 securities companies to provide 260000000000 yuan credit line, for the stock holdings.
Reporters also learned that the central bank has approved the issuance of short-term financing bonds in the inter-bank bond market bonds and other financial bonds issued by the central bank.
Industry insiders said that the diversification of financing way is conducive to maintaining the liquidity of the company's ample liquidity, play a good role in maintaining the stability of the market.
A spokesman for the central bank recently said that in order to support the stable development of the stock market, actively assist the gold card company through loans and the issuance of financial bonds, mortgage financing, borrow to loans and other ways to get sufficient liquidity.