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The composition of the monetary policy committee o
Published:6/15/2015 5:34:16 PMViews: 786
According to the relevant provisions of the people's Bank of China monetary policy committee regulations, approved by the State Council, appointed with Victoria Liang, Shi Yaobin, Zhang Xiaohui, Tian Guoli is a member of the monetary policy committee, Zhu Zhixin, Hu Xiaolian, Ma Jiantang, Hu huaibang no longer serve as monetary policy committee member of the post. The term of office of the current monetary policy committee of the economic and financial experts committee Qian, Chen rain and dew, Song Guoqing is full, approved by the State Council, appointed Fan Gang, Yiping Huang, Bai chongen is a member of the monetary policy committee.
Fang Gang resume
Fang Gang, male, 63 years old, Ph.D., the Social Sciences, the current economic system reform and Research Association vice president, Peking University, the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and economics professor.
The main research areas are macroeconomics, institutional economics and "transitional economics" ". The author of "public ownership", "outline of the theory of macro economic reform of political economics". The paper sets "the world into the risk" and "the truth of development", etc..
Huang Yiping resume
Huang Yiping, male, 51 years old, Ph.D., PhD, Australian National University, Associate Dean and professor of the National Development Institute of Peking University.
The main research areas are macro policy, international finance and agricultural development. Published dozens of academic papers and publishes four academic books, including "China's agricultural reform", "there is no miracle of growth", "crossing the river by feeling the stones of the last few steps, and the application of quantitative economics".
Baichongen resume
Bai chongen, male, 52 years old, a PhD in mathematics, University of California, San Diego, a doctorate degree in economics from Harvard University, the incumbent Tsinghua University vice president, Freeman economics about professor.
The main research areas are institutional economics, economic growth and development, public economics, finance, corporate governance and China economy. Currently serves as president of the Institute for international economics, a member of the Executive Committee, Barcelona economic research, Graduate School of Science Committee members, the world bank economic review, the journal editorial board, Journal of economic deputy editor.